Arus FAQ

Freqently Asked Questions

How does Arus Investments plan to handle my investments?
Arus Investments offers a comprehensive array of investment management services designed to help you achieve your financial objectives. You will gain access to a diverse range of investment strategies, along with expert investment advice and the flexibility to periodically analyze and rebalance your portfolio.

How can Arus Investments assist me in self-managing my investments?
Arus Investments believes in empowering you to make investment decisions on your terms. Even if you prefer to manage your assets independently, you can leverage our professional research, insights, platforms, and dedicated service specialists. Make your own investment choices and utilize our online tools, extensive research, expert insights, educational resources, and dedicated support to make informed and timely financial decisions. When you require assistance, consult with one of our financial advisors to assess your existing portfolio and make adjustments aligning with your long- and short-term goals.

How does Arus Investments manage my funds?
Arus Investment safeguards your funds by placing them in a separate and distinct account at a top-tier bank.

When will the insurance kick in?
In the highly improbable event of non-payment by Arus Investments, the insurance may be invoked. What this means is that each Arus Investments Eligible Client can file a claim, subject to specific limits and the aggregate maximum established by Arus Investments, as outlined in the corresponding Client's Disclosure and Policy.

What sets Arus Investments apart?
We approach investments with a fresh perspective, emphasizing inquiry, proactivity, and taking control of your financial destiny. Our evaluation criteria not only encompass what we do but also how we do it. Every action and decision is guided by the establishment of trust and the perspective of our clients.

Do I need to make a deposit to activate my account?
You can access your account as soon as you receive confirmation of your approved application and click on the verification link sent to your registered email address. However, you will need to ensure your account holds sufficient funds to initiate an investment.

Is it possible to view my account history?
You can review your transaction history for various time periods by selecting 'Wallet.'

In any investment plan, what is the processing time frame for each withdrawal?
A withdrawal request is typically processed within 1-3 hours to allow the system to conduct various security checks before initiating payment. The time it takes to receive the payment depends on the chosen payment method and the processing time of the third-party remitter.
Please note that certain methods may not be available in your region; examples include PayPal or Skrill. Funds should be available in your e-wallet account within 24 hours of the withdrawal approval.

How long do I have to keep my funds invested?
There is no fixed commitment period for your funds; it depends on a number of factors like; selected investment plan, personal financial needs, etc. However, it is advisable to retain stock market-related investments for 3 to 5 years.

Can I earn income from my investment?
Yes, you can generate income and the profit depends on your specific financial requirements and plan. We will discuss this with you when selecting the most suitable investment option.

What is the maximum number of accounts one investor can have?
Investors are limited to one account each. Each client may have only one account per IP address, family, or payment account.

How can I track the progress of my investment?
Investment financial institutions issue monthly or annual statements, and we provide online access to a real-time valuation service for reviewing the most current value on your dashboard.

How do mutual funds grow my money? | What kind of return can I expect from investing in mutual funds?
Mutual Funds predominantly invest in equities or debt, depending on the investment goal outlined in the offer document. Fund Managers select companies with the potential for future growth and increased profits for equity mutual funds. This leads to investment appreciation as their earnings improve and stock prices rise.
For Debt schemes, Fund Managers carefully choose a combination of Debt Papers – Bonds, NCDs, CPs, and the like – to optimize returns for investors. Most funds are actively managed by fund managers who closely monitor the investment portfolio to maximize returns for clients.

I'm inexperienced with cryptocurrency. Can someone invest in any cryptocurrency?
Yes, new and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts can invest in cryptocurrency. If you're new to cryptocurrency, our resource centre can help you navigate the basics of trading digital assets. While the concept is straightforward, we understand that certain aspects of cryptocurrency may seem complex. Let us guide you through how it's changing the way the world approaches money and finance.

Are there any fees associated with Investing with Arus Investments?
The only fee required from our clients is the withdrawal fee of the client's financial institution.

What is the minimum and maximum investment amount required with Arus Investments?
The minimum investment amount is $200, while the maximum is $100,000,000.00.

What cryptocurrencies, currencies, and tokens are available for investing with Arus Investments?
Our platform supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, currencies, and tokens. To demand a different type of payment please contat us.

What is the Arus Investments Affiliate Program and how does it work?
Arus Investments offers commissions to individuals who refer new client(s) to our company. Through the Arus Investments Affiliate Program, you can generate and share unique referral links on your social media platforms.

How do I join the Arus Investments Affiliate Program?
To participate in our Affiliate Program, all you need is an Arus Investments account. After registering an account, you can create and share your unique referral link.

How can I qualify for this program?
The Arus Investments Affiliate Program is open to all Arus Investments clients, bloggers, influencers, publishers, and content creators with qualifying websites or mobile apps. The Arus Investment programme is open to anyone above 18 years of age.

Is my Affiliate bonus a one-time or recurring incentive?
Your referral bonus is not a one-time payment. You will receive a referral bonus each time a new deposit is made in a new plan by a client you referred.

When will the affiliate commission be paid?
Your Affiliate program incentive will be credited to your Arus Investments account balance as soon as the client you recommended invests.

How many people can I refer using my referral code?
While there is no limit to the number of clients you can recommend, please be aware that Arus Investments reserves the right to modify or amend the referral program rules at any time.

Can I still earn a commission if a user I referred to Arus Investments registers without using my link?
If this situation arises, please contact our Support Team, and we will do our best to assist you.

Who can become a client of Arus Investments?
Anyone who is 18 years or older is eligible to become a client of Arus Investments.

How can I become an Arus Investments client?
Arus Investments does not charge any fees for becoming a client. Simply create an account and provide the necessary information to get started.

Is it possible to create a demo account for free?
Yes, you have to complete the registration process and then switch your account to a demo account, it is entirely free to create an account with Arus Investments.

I encountered issues during registration. What should I do?
If you encounter any issues during registration, ensure that you have provided the correct information and have agreed to the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box. Error messages can help identify mistakes. If the issue persists, consider changing your browser or disabling any VPN or translator you may be using. Feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

How long does it take to activate a client's account?
Your account will be activated immediately upon completing the registration process.

Can clients invest significant amounts without scrutiny? Is there a limit to the amount a client can invest, and is there a verification process?
Clients have the flexibility to invest any desired amount.

How can I manage my account?
To manage your account, use the navigation button located on the left side of our website.

Can I modify my login information?
You can update your password by selecting "Change Password" from the menu, provided you are logged into your account or you can change it directly from your dashboard while logged in.

What should I do if I can't access my account due to a forgotten password?
Click the password recovery link, enter your username or email address, and you should receive a password reset link. If you do not receive the reset link, check your spam folder or contact our support department.

What is the procedure for making a deposit?
To make a deposit, log in, click "Fund," select the cryptocurrency, enter the amount, and click "Fund Now." Access your cryptocurrency wallet and send the required amount to the cryptocurrency address or account number generated by the system.

When will the deposit become active?
Your deposit should be activated immediately. However, there may be a slight delay as financial institutions or blockchains recognize your transaction.

Where can I learn more about investment strategies?
You can explore various investment plans on our portfolio page.

Can I make multiple investments?
Yes, you are free to make as many investments as you desire at the same time or at different times.

Can I reinvest my profits directly from my Arus Investments account balance? Certainly, you can reinvest your account balance profits.

How can I withdraw my funds?
To withdraw your funds, login, click "Wallet," Select the currency, select the type of wallet you wish to withdraw from, enter the amount, and click "Request."

When will my money appear in my payment account after I request a withdrawal?
Your withdrawal request will be automatically and instantly processed.

I requested a withdrawal some time ago but haven't received my funds. What should I do?
Please keep in mind that all withdrawal requests are processed instantly and automatically. However, there may be a minor delay as financial institutions or blockchains authenticate your transactions.

Are there any withdrawal restrictions?
We do not impose any withdrawal restrictions.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $200.

Do you charge any withdrawal fees?
We do not levy any withdrawal fees.

When will I receive my affiliate bonus?
Your referral's affiliate bonus will be credited to your Arus Investments account balance as soon as the payment system verifies their transaction.